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Drytech Inc., an AS 9001 Rev C Certified Manufacturer of Desiccants Solutions for Fluid System Protection and Aerospace & Defense Applications

Drytech Incorporated has been a manufacturer of total moisture control and air purification systems for the Aerospace & Defense industries for over 20 years. With our extensive knowledge and expertise within this field, we have successfully developed a robust product line for various industries, where controlling moisture and particulate is a concern. Our products range from simple disposable desiccant breathers, desiccant bags, transformer breathers, gearbox breathers, to high end Self Regenerating Filtration Systems (SRFS™) and custom tailored solutions for customer applications.

Custom products are a cornerstone of Drytech's drive for market leadership our AS 9100 Rev C.QMS facilitates give us the ability to design, fabricate, manufacture, prototype, test and validate our products in house. Some of our custom products include static and breather desiccators, cartridge dehydrators, pipeline dryers, specialty bags and humidity indicators.

In addition to our wide range of total moisture control solutions, we also provide various testing services. Drytech can fabricate test apparatus and create thermal conditions to replicate the equipment and environments per customer specific requirements. Our capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Dew Point/Frost Point
  • Static Relative Humidity (Variable & Fixed)
  • Dynamic Relative Humidity (Variable & Fixed)
  • MVTR
  • Leak Rates
  • Loss on Ignition (L0I)
  • Adsorption Rate Determination
  • Thermal Cycling
  • Service Life
  • Pressurized Moisture Generation– Service Simulation
  • % RH/Temp. Data Acquisition

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F-16 & Proven Aircraft Worldwide Review Ogden, UT

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NISTM 2016 Galveston, TX

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Logistics Officers Association Washington, DC

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AUVSI 2017 Dallas, TX