Desiccants for Pharmaceutical & Laboratory

Maintaining laboratory equipment is a vital process to ensure the best quality product being produced for the end users. Cleanliness has always been strictly maintained within the pharmaceutical industry, but one of the commonly overlooked contaminants is moisture. Moisture presence during certain tests and processes can dramatically skew results during testing or operation.

Desiccant canisters, dehumidifiers, and moisture adsorbing polymers are some of our solutions to preventing moisture and particulate contamination. A desiccant canister (desiccators) is designed for static adsorption of moisture in a closed environment. New pharmaceutical devices are becoming smaller and more complex each day which makes maintaining protection from moisture and particulate more difficult. Moisture adsorbing polymers alleviate these concerns.

Desiccants for Pharmaceutical and laboratory

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Desiccants for Pharmaceutical and laboratory 2

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