ZEOZORB Rugged Series Desiccant Breathers

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Plants, machinery, and equipment are always in motion and undergo extended durations of high vibration and high temperature. Most industrial plants use hydraulic equipment and fluid reservoirs which breathe in moist ambient air as temperature changes occur. To optimize equipment performance and life, a desiccant breather should be used to filter moisture and particulate from ambient air.

The ZEOZORB Rugged Series breather uses a reinforced aluminum base cap which ensures protection from high vibration and shock. The rugged aluminum base has a 1" NPT female thread to adapt to almost any customer application. The ZEOZORB Rugged Series base cap can be retrofitted to any standard ZEOZORB breather where additional support for vibration is needed.

ZEOZORB Rugged Series are typically used on mobile equipment, gearboxes, off-road vehicles, die casters, and many more applications.

Machinery Implementation of ZEOZORB Rugged Series Desiccant Breathers

Image courtesy of Naypong / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

 ZEOZORB Rugged Series Desiccant Breathers ZEOZORB Rugged Series Desiccant Breathers 2