Drytech ZEOZORB desiccant transformer breathers exceed ASTM D-1533 specification of moisture content of lubricating oil


Drytech Inc., a manufacturer of moisture control systems for the Aerospace & Defense industry, is proud to announce the launch of its ZEOZORB desiccant transformer breathers for long term fluid protection against moisture and particulate contamination.

The failure or malfunction of many transformers or similar equipment can be directly linked to a lack of proper control of moisture entering the equipment.  It is vital to ensure a low level of humidity is maintained within the air space of the conservator tank.  Any moisture present will deteriorate the properties of the cooling medium and can cause costly equipment downtime.

Transformer breathers provide an economic and efficient means of controlling the level of moisture entering the conservator tank during pressure, temperature, or fluid level changes.  Currently, the industry standard is to use a Silica Gel transformer breather to filter out moisture before it enters your equipment; however Silica Gel’s performance is limited, very limited.  Silica Gel can barely achieve 150 PPM, and it only can do so in very narrow temperature band.   The graph below illustrates how Silica Gel’s performance drops off drastically as temperatures increase, whereas, ZEOLITES performance stays constant, even in high temperature environments.SilicaGel vs ZEOLITES Desiccant Adsorption at Temperature and Dewpoint Graph Only

In addition, a new ASTM D-1533 specification was just released which states that conservator tank lubricating/insulating oils should be kept below 35 ppm (parts per million) moisture.  This specification may appear to be very aggressive, but for good reason, moisture within lube oils can cause dielectric loss, mold growth, arcing, voltage breakdown, and more.

In order to meet this specification, ZEOZORB transformer breathers should be used.  Drytech’s ZEOZORB Transformer breathers use a unique ZEOLITE desiccant which provides the maximum in performance and life.  Our ZEOZORB breathers exceeded the ASTM D-1533 spec  of less than 35 ppm in all of our tests.

In addition to this extremely low PPM level, we discovered that keeping the free air volume above the lube oil extremely dry will actually liberate moisture within lubricating oil itself.  This dynamic is vital to the end user as it can possibly alleviate the need for using expensive vacuum dehydration systems and instead use a low cost transformer breather which over time will condition the lube oil to acceptable PPM levels.  Please feel free to contact, Cliff Jones, [email protected] for additional information on our transformer breathers and test reports.

  • Maintain ISO cleanliness codes
  • Exceed ASTM D-1533 specification of moisture content
  • Lower operations & maintenance costs
  • Extend MTBF
  • Maximize adsorption in ANY environment
  • Prevent costly equipment downtime
  • Increase lubricant performance and life