Defense and Aerospace


Typical applications include drying air for radar waveguide pressurization, environmental protection of optical and infrared pods and sensors, providing dry high-pressure air for pneumatic weapons release and purifying high pressure gas for IR cooling for missile seekers.

We support most frontline military aircraft including:

  • F15
  • BI
  • F16
  • EFA
  • F18
  • F35

Airborne Sensors such as ATFLIR and SHARP are protected environmentally by DRYTECH systems. All products have been designed developed and tested to meet the exacting requirements of aerospace and military applications.

Innovations and Technologies

Consistent with our drive for market leadership, DRYTECH employs new materials and technologies in the pursuit of the new products. We have identified consistent needs for life cycle cost reduction and DRYTECH is pursuing technologies which will provide filter life extensions. We track technologies being developed, engage Universities to conduct research and team with partners to bring new solutions to market.

We encourage our customers to challenge us with their requirements…