Desiccants for Airborne Optical Sensors and Pods


  • Custom products are a cornerstone of Drytech’s drive for market leadership
  • Design, build and test to customer specific requirements
  • Customer design interface through Pro-E and AutoCAD engineering software
  • Rapid prototyping capabilities
  • Wide range of laboratory proving and testing capabilities including but not limited to:
    • Dewpoint / Frostpoint determination
    • Leak Rates
    • Moisture Vapor Transmission Rates (MVTRs)
    • Hygroscopic Loadings
    • Hydrostatic Testing
    • Pure Air Contamination Analysis
    • Loss on Ignition Testing (LOI)
    • Dynamic Airflow Measurements
      • Flow Rates
      • Pressure Differential


  • F15
  • F16
  • F18
  • B1B
  • EFA Eurofighter
  • C-130
  • SH-60 B
  • AV8 B
  • Sniper
  • SDB
  • Hippag
  • Sharp

Airborne Optical Systems

Weapons and Stores Release Systems

Drytech provides a range of desiccators that protect and provide environmentally controlled air for targeting and reconnaissance pods. Typically, these systems can combine a valved or breather desiccator to control the intake of air during descent. An ATP can require up to 3 different devices to ensure maximum protection against moisture and contamination.