Desiccants for Food & Beverage

Maintaining the health of plant machinery and equipment is a vital task for a well running facility. The food and beverage processing industry use several crucial machines which if they went down would cost businesses thousands of dollars. Proper operations and maintenance procedures should be followed to prevent any operating downtime. The most cost efficient preventive maintenance tool is the use of a desiccant breather on gearboxes, oil slinging pumps, ammonia compressors and hydraulic units.

Ammonia refrigeration compressors are very efficient and last a long time if cared for. The oil must be able to work for many hours without carrying the ammonia with it or permitting wear. Water happens to be one of the main elements which can cause severe damage to the compressor.

Studies have shown that the presence of water leads to rust buildup within the compressor and degrades the quality of the compressor oil. Although the oil should often be changed and contain anti-rust additives, any existing rust should be cleaned. This is a timely and costly maintenance procedure which can be prevented with the use of a desiccant breather.

A desiccant breather can be used to filter out moisture and particulate before it enters a compressor. Our ZEOZORB desiccant breathers can be fitted easily to the reservoir or tanks on the compressors.