Preservation & Packaging

Desiccant canisters or desiccators are the typical application for preserving a package during shipment or storage.  Desiccators are sealable enclosures containing desiccants used for preserving moisture-sensitive items such as electronics, paintings, documents, safes, pharmaceutical drugs, and much more.  Desiccators are sometimes used to remove traces of water from an almost-dry sample, often in laboratory testing.

We provide desiccators in many shapes and sizes, our typical desiccators are made of perforated aluminum and use a variety of desiccant medias.  Our desiccators are easily regenerated by being placed into an oven for an extended time period.  Temperature and length of time varies by type of desiccant being used.

All of our desiccators give indication as to when the desiccant media has reached full saturation, this can range from a desiccant changing color, blue to pink, orange to green, or a 10-60% relative humidity indicating card.  The card will change color to indicate the useful life of the desiccant medium.