Weapons & Stores Release

A mandated change is taking place in DoD’s approach to weapons release. The High maintenance pyrotechnic method of weapons ejection is being replaced by pneumatic pylon/rack systems. DRYTECH currently provides desiccant filters that provide extremely dry air to the accumulator rams, eliminating any potential freeze ups at altitude.

Weapons and Stores Release Systems

Drytech provides a range of desiccant filter modules that purify and dry compressed gas for pneumatic systems providing greater reliability and maintainability over legacy pyrotechnic systems.


  • Working pressure: 3000-6000 psia
  • Maximum flow rates: 7-15 sipm
  • Particulate filtration: 5-15 micron
  • Effluent Air: -70 deg. C dewpoint or 2.5 ppm
  • Filter life: Up to 200 hours