Drytech’s ZEOZORB desiccant air breathers protect E85 gasoline, race fuels and performance lubricants from moisture contamination


Drytech Inc., a manufacturer of moisture control systems for the Aerospace & Defense industry, is proud to announce the launch of its ZEOZORB desiccant air breathers for long term fluid and fuel protection against moisture and particulate contamination.

Contaminant prevention has always been a concern within the fluid system industry and one of the commonly overlooked contaminants is water.  The availability of race fuels and E85 ethanol fuels are hard to come by at gas stations, and end users often purchase 55 gallon drums or 5 gallon totes to store their precious race fuels or E85.  Often during storage, contaminants will enter a drum or tote as pressure, temperature, or fluid level changes occur.  In areas of high temperature and humidity, often higher levels of water will enter the container and contaminate the fuel.  To prevent harmful contaminants from entering equipment a ZEOZORB desiccant air breather should be used.  ZEOZORB desiccant air breathers are easily fitted on top of storage drums or totes, and filter our moisture and particulates BEFORE it enters your race fuel, E85 or lubricating oils.

Ethanol is an extremely hydroscopic (attracts water) fluid which should be properly stored and maintained.  Water is often introduced during handling, storage, and distribution.  A small portion of water is soluble in E85 and race gas, but at higher concentrations, the gasoline portion will separate from the ethanol/water mixture and reduce the quality of the fuel and ultimately lose power for the end user.

Maintaining the quality of race fuels and ethanol fuels can be a daunting task, but with a ZEOZORB desiccant air breather, maximizing your fuel quality is easier than ever.  Not only do ZEOZORB desiccant air breathers prevent contaminants from entering your fuel, but they will actually liberate moisture within the fuel itself.  This is a vital dynamic and cost savings potential as many fuels often are filtered through expensive dehydration systems AFTER contaminants have been introduced.  ZEOZORB desiccant air breathers are the first line of defense and prevent contaminants from entering in the first place.  ZEOZORB desiccant air breathers are designed to replace breather caps or air filters on:

– Fuel storage tanks – 55 gallon drums – 330 gallon totes – Hydraulic fluid reservoirs – Oil drums – Fuel drums

ZEOZORB desiccant air breather on 55 gallon drum
ZEOZORB desiccant air breather on 55 gallon drum
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